Monday, December 13, 2010

Bills Photography Lecture

 Contemporary Photography
Henry Cartier Bresson - one of the first people to use blurriness/movement. He was all about being at the right place at the right time.

Richard Prince - realized you could make a photograph that competed with paintings by blowing them up (wall size, sometimes bigger)

Cindy Sherman - posed herself as a 50's actress' in various settings. The idea in investigating your personal identity photos were fake enough to let you in on the joke. Just a little creepy...
David Leventhaw - photographed real life scenarios with toys. Built models that looked very real. 

Final Lecture 12/3

Painting in 1950s-1980s

Abstract Expressionism: Jackson Pollock - "Jack the Dripper" - Life Magazine. 

Just after WWII, America became a super power in art.
Abstract Expressionism is the idea that it was improvisational, natural, and usually expressed by man.

Second Generation Abstract Expressionism
Joan Mitchell started early, and refuted the idea of being an action painter.
Cy Twombly, totally opposite of Jackson Pollock... very purposeful and careful.
Brice Martin, started out as minimal painter, then followed Twombly.

Pop Art 
Andy Worhol, though that everyone should be famous for 15 min. Probably the most well known pop artist.
Robert Raschenberg, silk screening paintings.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Representational Form II





Dramatic Light:

Exaggerated Scale:


Negative Space:




Whole Object:


I once again just used my iphone to take these pictures, so I suppose they turned out pretty good.
I think I enjoyed the lightbulb a little bit more because I guess it was just easier to stage

Sontag Writing Assigment

This picture was taken when I was eating lunch with Sopapilla  and she was acting super goofy and joking around. She kept making this face and chuckling for some reason, so I had to at least get a picture of it. This is someone who means a lot to me and I'm very close to, so the picture was intended for memories and to capture a moment that was a lot of fun.

I don't remember what led up to this, but for some reason I was wearing a Dora backpack and we thought it was funny.... My friend wanted to take a picture (to send to someone I believe) so he did. Now I look back on it and it just seems dumb/goofy to have a picture of this. 

I don't remember who I got this picture from, it was forwarded to me a while back.
I thought it was really interesting though. Its also really cool because I could imagine just walking down the street and finding this on a telephone pole, I would have to photograph it as well.